01. Many of these [rituals] were practiced by the people long before Christianity came to the region.
02. The festival ends with the [ritual] killing of a goat in many households.
03. In the time of the Aztecs, priests performed a [ritual] in which the heart was cut out of a living sacrifice.
04. The statue is [ritually] bathed by worshippers in order to purify it.
05. Going out for drinks with the boss is a nightly [ritual] for many Japanese businessmen.
06. Bibiane isn't really religious, but she loves the [ritual] of the Catholic mass.
07. Raised a Jew, Elijah was nonetheless attracted by the [ritualistic] practices of mystical Buddhism.
08. My Korean student gave a presentation on the [ritualized] marriage customs of a traditional wedding ceremony in her country.
09. Someone once said that the [ritual] of marriage is not simply a social event; it is a crossing of threads in the fabric of fate.
10. The meanings of unique symbols, [rituals], and institutions can be difficult to explain to different cultures.
11. Knives made by the ancient Mayas are considered the sharpest knives ever to exist, and were used in their sacrificial [rituals].
12. Her morning coffee has become a daily [ritual] that she can't live without.
13. The sauna is very much a way of life in Finland, and is a part of the weekly [ritual] of all people.
14. Green tea is an essential part of the daily [ritual] in China.
15. Religious [rites] develop as rules of conduct prescribing how people are expected to act in the presence of the sacred.
16. The seventh month of pregnancy is celebrated in Indonesia with a [ritual] bath for the mother-to-be.
17. Every time my dog meets another dog, he just has to go through this whole bum-sniffing [ritual] before we can continue our walk.
18. In November of 1970, Japanese writer Yukio Mishima committed public [ritual] suicide in protest against the westernization of Japan, and the weakness of its post-World War Two Constitution.
19. The Aztec people of Mexico practiced the [ritual] killing of thousands of people as sacrifices to their gods.
20. Confucianism teaches that correct [ritual] is all important, and every aspect of life is subject to clear rules of behavior.
21. In Tibetan Buddhism, many [ritual] instruments are made of human bone.
22. So-called magic mushrooms have been used for centuries, primarily in the context of religious [rituals] and ceremonies.
23. The [ritual] of Catholic mass commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

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